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Saturday, August 14, 2010


why huh?she left us because of him..and now i really miss her..
trial is coming but i don't know..how can we face this changed??her and him??
something happen in 3 vanda..the boys??damn lar!!why they back-up z*** eak?
pmr is coming..i hope you will come to us and ask for the forgiveness and we can be
friends ever after..BEFORE THIS..I CAN FORGIVE BUT I CAN'T FORGET..BUT IN THIS MATTER..I CAN'T FORGIVE AND FORGET!!i never want this happen..i always pray
that we can befriend cam dulu..<3

Trial is coming;)

wow..next week is my trial exam..but i'm not fully ready larh..camner nie..agame and science are going to be the harder subject far me..i'm trying to change my mark now..friends,can you help me??home sweet home!IMYSM my cucing takni..i'm so pity to aceh..gastrik?makes him kurus lar ramadhan nie!